Houses with Stories Collection

The Fagin Knight Group has officially launched their Houses with Stories Collection in June 2021 as one of their newest homes with a story, hits the market.

“These homes have stories to tell and we felt we weren’t doing the home justice if we weren’t sharing those stories,” said Team Co-Founder, Angie Knight.

Angie Knight, a Partner of the Fagin Knight Group, has seen a trend of unique luxury listings over the past few years and this trend combined with 30 years of property stories across Colorado, sparked a love for the history and story of the house, beyond just the listing details.

“It started as an idea to feature historical homes and the actual property story, but I’ve come to realize that EVERY home can have a story. That’s what the Houses with Stories Collection is about,” Knight explains.

Our vision for the Houses with Stories collection is to grow and feature homes with stories worldwide. For more information on the Houses with Stories Collection, and how to feature your House with a Story, visit or join the Facebook group.