June 20, 2019

Drywall Anchors: Secret's Revealed

Drywall Anchors | Homeowner Tips | Fagin Willis GroupWhether you’re hanging a picture or mounting a television, anything that goes on your wall needs something to anchor it in place. If there’s a stud in the wall that you can attach it to then you’re fine; you’ve got well-supported wood to drive a screw into which will hold ...

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March 1, 2019

Zero Percent Down Conventional for MI Buyers

0% Down - No PMI - Conventional Loan for Michigan First Time Home Buyers

This wonderful product from our Friends at Flagstar is available to first time home buyers in Michigan. The program is actually a traditional 3% conventional loan that Flagstar has decided to subsidize in certain Michigan Counties. This program ...

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Jan. 3, 2019

5 Ways to Keep Water Out of Your Basement

All homes have quirks that require special care and consideration, but when it comes to homes with basements, it’s a whole different ball game. Instead of fighting with the lightswitch on the north wall, you’re trying to keep the carpet dry and catch any water long before it becomes a ...

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Dec. 28, 2018

Denver FREE Days 2019

Denver FREE Days 2019 | Fagin Willis Group

Dec. 24, 2018

7 Things to Consider When Choosing New Windows

7 Things About New Windows | Fagin Willis GroupThe first few years of owning your home mean discovering lots of things about it. Every house is different and some almost seem like they have a personality of their own — which isn’t too surprising since they have literally thousands of individual parts that can combine their own quirks ...

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Dec. 1, 2018

7 Items to Check Before the Big Freeze

Home Winterization Tips | Fagin Willis GroupAlong with the provocative spending and lavish feasts that are hallmarks of the holiday season also comes the cold, the ice and the snow. Like those extra three helpings of stuffing at Aunt Linda’s have just derailed your diet, the coming weather is capable of causing significant damage (and swelling ...

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Nov. 7, 2018

18 Secrets No One Tells You About Buying A House

Most homeowners aren’t shy about telling you how awesome it is and all about the perks of living in a house that they own … but they’re a lot less forthcoming about the ugly aspects of buying a house and the sacrifices you make.

And yes, there is ugly, and ...

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Sept. 20, 2018

7 Tips to Make Your Relocation Easier

7 Tips to Make Your Relocation Easier | Fagin Willis GroupYou just found out that you’re being relocated by your job, or maybe you were offered a job that was too good to be true in another state. Either way, you’ve got a big move ahead of you and there’s a lot to think about before you even start. Moving ...

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Aug. 8, 2018

How to Find Down Payment Assistance Programs

Downpayment Assistance Programs | Fagin Willis GroupYou just found your dream home in Evergreen, and it’s within your budget! One thing has you scratching your head though, how are you going to come up with the 20% down payment? You’re worried that if you can’t find the money for the deposit, you’ll lose your chance to ...

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July 4, 2018

How To Throw A Great Block Party

Moving into a new neighborhood isn’t always a walk in the park, especially if you don’t know anybody there. But how do you get to know your neighbors in a new environment, one that’s unfamiliar to you?

One fantastic way to meet everybody is by throwing a block party. Even ...

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